Pasture Raised Poultry

At Till Next Time Farms we’re raising chickens outside, in a field (pasture), with plenty of fresh air, fresh grass, and sunshine. We move our pasture birds to fresh grass everyday which keeps them happy and healthy and has the added bonus of fertilizing and improving the soil. It’s restorative agriculture in action!

Pasture raised poultry means happy healthy chickens. No antibiotics, no hormones.

There’s a difference between our chicken and other chicken.

Have you ever read or heard of the book “Fast Food Nation?” It’s a fascinating and honest accounting of our modern food production practices in the United States. It discusses modern chicken production and all of the terrible, stressful, dirty things that happen to traditionally raised chickens.

“Free Range” Chickens raised at major poultry farms live their whole lives indoors, crammed into a single room with 35,000 other birds. They breath large amounts of fecal dust and as a result have to be pumped full of “breed specific antibiotics” and hormones. When they do finally make it the processing facility they go through 10+ bleach baths, and a dip in the salt tank that plumps them up. It’s best not to ask about the stuff in the bottom tank.

Finally, chickens at some facilities got shot with a radiation gun for a final “sterilizing.”

This is not how we should be treating the animals that we eat, its just disrespectful. At Till Next Time Farms we’re raising better chickens.

Humanely raised chickens.

Animals that we eat deserve our respect.

Our chickens don’t get any of the nonsense that goes into conventional birds. No antibiotics, no hormones, and no stress.

Our chickens get sunlight from skylights in the brooder on day one and they have plenty of room to eat, run, and play. We use deep bedding in the brooder house to absorb and neutralize fecal dust and have open windows on the brooders to provide fresh air.

After three weeks in the brooder our birds move out to the field where they will spend the rest of their 8 week lives in our mobile carts. We move their carts forward onto a fresh 120 sq. ft. of grass every morning which gives them plenty of fresh forage (grass, bugs, worms and grit) to supplement their high protein feed. The chickens are so stoked to see us in the morning and rush to the front of the cart excited for the new grass. They truly thrive when you move them outside.

The end product is chicken that not only tastes great, but is better for you, better for the land, and way more humane than anything you can buy in the store. We love our chickens and we want our customers to love them and be more connected with their food.

We’ll raise a chicken just for you.

Orders for Chickens for the 2023 season are now open!

We are currently accepting orders for chickens for the year 2023. This year we plan to raise a total of 250 broilers over 5 rotations.

This years harvest dates are:

June 15th with pickup on June 16th-17th,
July 6th with pickup on July 7th-8th,
August 24th with pickup on August 25th-26th,
October 12th with pickup on October 13th-14th,
November 9th with pickup on November 10th-11th.

Roasted spatchcocked chicken on cutting board with chef's knife and bowls of rice, carrot salad, and a green ginger lemongrass sauce

Chickens are slaughtered and processed in the morning and are ready for pickup the next day on the farm. We know that not everyone can make it to the farm so we’re working on a “chicken carpool” for Portland customers. It’s an effort to make life easy and build more community among our customers.

You can use the form below to reserve your chickens for this year and indicate if you plan to pick up your chickens or if you need to meet someone in Portland.

Bearded man crouched near a pastured poultry cart full of cornish cross chicks.

Thanks for supporting small scale agriculture