Grant Bartlett

Worm Wrangler at Till Next Time Farms

Favorite Produce: Peppers

Favorite Fruit: Nectarines

My passion for growing things can be traced back to the summers I spent with my grandmother in the arid desert of West Texas. This couldn’t be considered an optimum or even hospitable place for cultivating plants but she always managed to have an abundant garden, and for that I admired her. Since then my life has taken me down many different career paths from washing cars and mowing lawns for gas money, building houses on cookie-cutter tracks in the suburbs, to repairing gearboxes for wind turbines, but my true calling was always to produce food while healing the land.

I believe that the “Soil Will Save Us” as Kristin Ohlson exclaims. It has become a driving force in my life to provide nutrient dense food to my family and community while leaving the land in better condition than when I found it.

Here at Till Next Time Farms I contribute to the efforts of my fellow veggie mongers by designing and fabricating infrastructure, propagating seedlings, harvesting the fruits of our labor, and informing the masses of our tasty wares.

Stop by the farm and Sylas and I will give you a tour!

Devin Gustafson

Fruit Fanatic at Till Next Time Farms

Favorite Produce: TNT grown Heirloom Tomatoes

Favorite Fruit: Watermelon

I have some very fond early memories of walking through my grandmother’s garden in Illinois, watching fat bumble bees as they moved from flower to flower. Her garden always felt like a paradise with its long separated rows and neatly maintained paths. My favorite discovery in her garden was the plum tree with its deep purple leaves, I would spend hours inspecting the tree to harvest the sweet plums that it grew.

Mom always had a green thumb too, and I remember spending time with her as she removed the horned worms from the tomatoes in our small garden outside of Dallas. Some years we attempted to grow strawberries in pots but we never had much luck, and I always thought I could be doing this better.

After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Advertising I moved to West Texas to live with Sarah and we immediately ripped up the middle of the lawn at our rent house to start our first garden. The landlord wasn’t thrilled, but we managed to grow some lettuce and broccoli and few other plants and from there we were hooked. Fast forward through a few more rental houses and lots of trial and error and we arrive at Till Next Time Farms.

At Till Next Time Farms I handle our marketing which includes our website and any design tasks that need attention, in addition to propagation, planting, and harvesting. I also handle most of the blueberry and strawberry harvesting.

I didn’t expect to ever become a farmer, but I can easily say that growing food while healing the earth is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.


Sarah Bartlett

Task Tamer at Till Next Time Farms

Favorite Produce: Green beans

Favorite Fruit: Blueberries

I have always been drawn to the outdoors and my mom and grandmother really instilled a love of gardening in me. Grant and I grew up in the low desert of Mid-West Texas where water was scarce and the growing season long. My mom mastered growing okra, something you can’t really do in this part of Oregon. My grandmother’s interest leaned more towards ornamental gardens, places to walk through and contemplate the beauty of the world.

In Spring 2019 we started modifying the front yard at our house to create a more diverse community of plants (and soil microbes) than grass alone can provide. This has given me the chance to channel the love of gardening my grandmother passed on to us. Just like her, we are heavily leaning towards plants that are native to our area and require very little care once established.

In college, I studied bats but became intrigued by an idea that there are so many autoimmune diseases in the US because we are too clean. The “Hygiene Hypothesis” as it is called supports the idea that getting out in the garden regularly can help boost your immune system and it is thought the exposure to the diverse microbes in the soil is partially responsible for the feelings of well being many people get after a day in the garden.

At Till Next Time Farms I organize planting and keep our records up to date. My favorite activities are planting, harvesting, and keeping Sunday harvests organized. In the upcoming years, I plan to start teaching outreach programs based in soil science, food preservation, fermentation, and whatever other topics my community may be interested in.

Ashleigh Perelli-Minetti

Bean Counter at Till Next Time Farms

Favorite Produce: Heirloom Tomatoes

Favorite Fruit: Blueberries and all stone fruit

I’m the third generation of my family that has worked in agriculture. My grandfather came from a family of viticulturists and worked on farms his entire life in Reedley, CA. My father and brother both manage and supervise storage and distribution centers on a farm as well.

I grew up in an agrarian area of California known for its strawberries and BBQ. Some of my favorite memories are stopping on the side of the road to pick up a pallet of fresh strawberries, still warm from being picked in the sun. Of course, half the pallet was eaten in the car before “sharing” with coworkers or family.

I moved to Oregon in 2008, and it was love at first sight. I have a degree in restaurant management and have worked with food directly and indirectly since I was a teenager. I daylight as a corporate square working for a progressive, local-focused grocer, and by night I raise a horde of houseplants, cuddle a pack of small pups, and help run Till Next Time Farms.

At Till Next Time Farms, I take care of our bookkeeping and help with planting and harvesting.